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Business vibes.

Innovation oriented, since the beginning

Always conceived as a conglomeration of office buildings, Energy Park has evolved and grown over time, together with its business, fueled by it bursting, green, and smartenergy. The complex is located on an area already adopted for production activities since the first half of the 20th century, as well as for the Alcatel-Lucent industrial site.

The growth of the technological park is an extraordinary example of urban redevelopment capturing and preserving the original spirit of the site. Every tenant is a part of this active ecosystem which encourages creativity, fosters encounters between people and exchange of ideas, and favours precious professional interconnections.

Major Milestones

Tech attitude.

Designed for peculiar companies

Energy Park is a technological and production campus with an ambitious vocation: satisfying the needs of companies operating in high technology, telecommunications and IT fields, and at the same time providing the ideal environmental and working conditions for its workers. As a platform of synergistic activities at the service of the person, of work and technology, the campus is a point of attraction for tenants in search of high quality spaces and services. It offers the opportunity to work in an environment specifically designed to offer high standards of space quality and efficiency, in the privileged context of a vast park.

Protecting the future.

Our commitment to sustainability

Energy Park was designed following the latest architectural and technological principles, and pursues with the greatest commitment and attention the most ambitious aims regarding environmental sustainability and energy savings. The structure, already registered with the U.S. Green Building Council, has obtained the prestigious LEED Platinum certification. The American classification system contemplates the whole life cycle of a building, evaluating performance requirements both from the energy efficiency point of view and from that of the environmental resources involved in constructing and managing the buildings.

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