Open view on the Alps, just a step
away from Milan.

Strategically placed.

Between cities, connected to the world

Energy Park lies in the heart of the Brianza Technological Hub, a location of prime importance for visibility and ease of access, about 20 km from Milan, adjacent to important motorways such as the A4 (Turin-Venice) and the Milan East Ring Road.

Its position on the routes to the three main airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio) allows Energy Park to exploit the many opportunities offered by the context and play a top-level role within the high-tech market.

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Open your perspectives.

An environment to increase creativity and wellness

Easily accessible and well connected, Energy Park is immersed in nature and offers a magnificent view of the Alpine range. Here everyone can develop a new rhythm of life, enriching the working life with quiet moments, physical activity and relaxation in the open air. Such a rhythm improves the quality of life, the level of concentration and productivity, and widens perspectives by increasing the possibilities of combining various aspects of life in one place.

The approach to business evolves, synchronizing the timing of humans and nature: a flow of professional and interpersonal activities, meetings and exchanges, within and outside Energy Park. It is the work-life balance of the future, which fosters relationships, fills with energy and sparks creativity.

A vibrant district.

High-density of amenities in the area

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